What does pricing look like for Heritage Early Learning Academy? Take at look at the video below to hear our Director and Director of Admissions speak on this topic.

Tuition is payable in weekly installments beginning the Friday before the child starts attending. Tuition is $150-180 per week. Financial aid discounts and resources are available, and will be determined on the basis of income. Once your application is processed, specific discounts will be discussed at your parent interview. We will work with each family to connect you with helpful resources so that attending the Heritage Early Learning Academy can be a reality for your child!

Scholarships and Financial Assistance Available

  • Child and Parent Services (CAPS)
  • Arete Scholarship Assistance (available to K4 only)
  • Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program, Inc. (available to K4 only)
  • Heritage Early Learning Academy Scholarships and Discounts are available to those who qualify.

Additional Fees and Expenses

  • $50-$150 Yearly Activity Fee – to be paid with your first tuition payment (Click Here for Activity Fee FAQs)
  • $55 Yearly Financial Aid Application fee per family
  • $55 Yearly Registration Fee – for first-time enrollment and re-enrollment
  • K3 and K4 students wear uniforms each day. Please see our Family Handbook for more information.
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